Jacob Thiem

Jacob Thiem is a remarkable BMX talent, representing the next generation of riders and leaving a lasting impact wherever he goes. Lately, he has been on fire, tearing up the BMX scene with his impressive skills while repping his Bicycle Thieves Project shirt.

This summer, Jacob has been globetrotting, competing in some of the biggest BMX events worldwide. And it's not just about participating for Jacob - he's been consistently earning top positions in these competitions. Let's break down Jacob's outstanding performances during his 2023 summer world tour:

- Munich Mash: Jacob delivered an outstanding performance, securing an impressive 2nd place.
- Madrid Urban World Series: Going head-to-head with the best riders, Jacob showcased his talent and claimed another impressive 2nd place finish.
- France FISE experience: Jacob's skills were on full display as he secured a solid 4th place in this challenging event.
- Flensburg Butcher Jam: Jacob's dominance was undeniable, as he took 1st place in dirt and achieved remarkable 3rd and 4th place finishes in the spine and park categories.

It's safe to say that Jacob had an incredible summer, surpassing expectations and making a name for himself in the BMX world. His passion, talent, and relentless dedication continue to push boundaries and inspire others.

Jacob Thiem's summer was nothing short of extraordinary, with his remarkable achievements cementing his status as a rising star in the BMX community. 

It's truly thrilling to witness such a talented athlete using his platform to raise awareness about the impact of poverty on our communities. By proudly wearing the Bicycle Thieves Project shirt on the world's grandest stages, Jacob not only supports his community but also demonstrates his genuine character.