Bicycle Thieves Project - Mission

every kid needs a bike

Our name, the Bicycle Thieves Project, represents the financial struggles that children living below the poverty line endure every day. With these struggles making it difficult for families to provide their children with basic needs, they also prevent children of memorable childhood experiences, like riding a bike.

In this way, poverty becomes a thief... a bicycle thief. These thieves rob children of the opportunity to experience the freedom and joy that comes with owning their own bicycle. We’re here to not only bring awareness of these bicycle thieves, but catch them

We aim to bring awareness of these thieves by wearing their name loudly on our chest, shedding light on the cause to anyone curious enough to ask. But, we aim to catch these thieves by donating 20% of all sales to the Bikes for Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization that gives bikes to children in need.

By doing this, we hope to prevent poverty from stealing the joy of childhood biking, because we believe that every kid needs a bike.