Sean Nichols - Rad BMX Builds

Rad BMX Builds is an exhilarating brand that is spearheaded by the talented and visionary Sean Nichols. His overarching aim is to introduce the world of BMX to a thrilling array of creative, exciting, and innovative bike builds that set the bar high in terms of style, performance, and overall aesthetics.

With a vast range of bikes and bike parts that are available in his brand, Sean has made it his mission to cater to the needs of every BMX rider, regardless of their preferences or taste. From old school builds that evoke a sense of nostalgia, to new school designs that push the boundaries of innovation, Rad BMX Builds is a brand that never ceases to amaze.

We are proud to be supported and represented by Sean. His creative expressions with various, rad bikes inspires us to keep creating and innovating.

Below is a photo of Sean repping the black Bicycle Thieves Project hoodie